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My Nevada biohazard cleanup business covers the following infectious waste cleanup issues throughout Nevada:

  • accidental death
  • biohazard
  • blood
  • death
  • decomposition
  • homicide
  • infectious waste
  • suicide
  • traumatic blood loss
  • unattended death

I price my work for the working family and businesses, homeowners insurance programs are also priced reasonably. I clean throughout California and Nevada. I have 14 years experience in the blood cleanup business; human blood, incidentally, gives the term "biohazard" its meaning in the human blood cleanup business because of germs like human immunodeficiency and hepatitis C.

I am here to help. I have over 15 years experience cleaning after homicides, suicides, and unattended deaths. My cleaning experience includes includes military trauma cleanup, crime scene cleanup, and filthy house cleaning.

As a self-employed biohazard cleanup practitioner, my biohazard cleanup business has performed as well if not better than my larger biohazard cleanup company competitors. Meanwhile, my prices remain lower when it comes to biohazard cleanup for homicide cleanup, suicide cleanup, blood cleanup, and unattended death cleanup. I serve Nevada's bloodborne pathogen cleanup needs, its biohazard cleanup needs, which means anything contaminated by blood comes within the scope of my biohazard company tasks.

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Biohazard Defined

Biological hazards consist of organisms, or substances arising an organism, which become a threat to (primarily) human health. Medical waste, samples of a microorganism, virus or toxin (from a microorganisms influence human health. They may include substances harmful to animals. Biohazard as a term has an association with the symbol found above. It serves as a warning that biohazards may be near or somehow contained within boxes, bags, barrows, and other objects.

The use of such symbols serves to warm of potential biohazard exposure. A biohazard cleanup practitioner will display an HCS/WHMIS logo which utilizes the same symbol. Anywhere in Nevada during a biohazard cleanup, biohazard cleanup practitioner will display some sort of warning that biohazard cleanup is taking place. Even after biohazard cleanup, a sign will signify that biohazard cleanup remnants are stored in vehicles.

Because of coroner and county administrator fraud, biohazard cleanup companies often have a contact in coroner and county administration offices. These contacts send families victimized by homicide and suicide to these corrupt biohazard cleanup companies. We call these relationships between government employees and private companies a "cronyism." If you were to visit Orange County Consumer Fraud or Orange County Fraud you would find more information about this type of government corruption.

Nevada has so many powerful assets. it's hard to imagine another state with as much going for it. In Reno, the University  at Reno began with a land-grant and became state supported. This support would later generate great wealth as education more than paid for itself. The intrinsic value of a Nevada education cannot be measured, but we can be sure it's greater than we could find in dollars.


This one Nevada University, a coeducational institution, began in 1874 and was first located in Elko, Nevada. Later it moved to Reno in 1886. The Reno campus includes the Mackay School of Mines and a mining museum. From these two resources silver mining alone benefited greatly. An institute for gambling studies later opened and quantification research followed as random events became a major interest.

There's much more to Nevada, of course. We should note that Nevada joined the union as the 36th state on October 31, 1864. This followed after telegraphing the Constitution of Nevada to the United States Congress. This one telegraph became the most costly telegraph to date. So what was the big rush? Congress needed to have Nevada's constitution on board before Nevada became a state.

A November 8 presidential election motivated Nevada's move to join the union.

Elsewhere I've written about small Mormon settlements before 1858 along the Utah border and even into the Vegas area. These communities sustained their communities themselves through faith, but found competitors in secular rich's like great silver strikes beginning in 1858 created. Boom towns built around saloons, brothels, and hotels grew rapidly. As trains became a transportation boom to the area, growth brought Nevada into the 20th century in a full gallop.

Nevada's Progressives thought they could improve upon Nevada's rampaging capitalism with a more civilized Nevada populated by universities and and social reforms. Economic downturns failed to help their cause and it would take a serious introduction of gambling before Nevada's economy picked up.

Better transportation to California's larger cities helped the casino business grow until this day. A place of adult pleasure and play, Nevada's place in the sun would not be denied to secular interest, in spite of its early Mormon influences.

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Las Vegas

Below I discuss my state-wide biohazard cleanup service. Some of these are in Las Vegas. They also remain available throughout Nevada. Call for information.

My Nevada biohazard cleanup company operates on all days of the week. Because I have reasonable prices, sometimes the demand for my services becomes too much for immediate service. I do get to everyone, though.


My Las Vegas blood cleanup work covers homicide cleanup, suicide cleanup, and unattended death cleanup following decomposition. Many of these subjects come under Nevada crime scene cleaners if readers begin to think there's some connection. There are. These subjects all became marketing tools to reach more people on Nevada's Internet. When it comes to containing bloodborne pathogens (harmful germs), I don't cut corners when it comes to marketing safe biohazard cleanup practices.

So of course Las Vegas crime scene cleanup belongs to just such a category for marketing purposes, just as my primary Nevada crime scene cleanup web pages do. We would think that my Las Vegas death cleanup web pages would do very well, but it is not so. I suppose it's due to cronyism in our coroner and county administrator's departments. Otherwise, I'd receive telephone calls much more regularly than I do. Without any doubt, it's a fact that my Las Vegas decomposition cleanup web pages find caller most often, but that's even rare these days.

I'll be writing about Las Vegas homicide cleanup soon for curiosity seekers. I know that when folks arrive in Las Vegas, after the first night of fun and some sun, they want to relax and take up some reading. This subject should interest those with an interest in criminal investigation as well as crime scene cleanup.

My Las Vegas suicide cleanup service must have priority over my other endeavors, which means suicide cleanup gets done soon and quickly. My fees here remain reasonable like all my other fees. Las Vegas suicide work usually takes more time in the hotter months because of decomposition cleanup issues.

You can imagine the work involved with Nevada unattended death duties during the hotter months.

Finally, for those young men who drink too much and test our Las Vegas police just too far, here's a friendly web page for bail bond help.



Hoarding Cleanup

Nevada biohazard cleanup is often confused with Nevada hoarding cleanup. This confusion arises as hoarders come to think that they have a biohazard cleanup situation on their hands. Actually, Nevada's hoarders rarely have biohazard conditions in their homes.

Still, an unattended death without a fairly rapid discovery does become a biohazard cleanup issue for Nevada.

They may have infectious waste strewn about, but rarely anything calling under a biohazard cleanup definition. Nevada's heat and furnace-like dried air tends to destroy biohazards quickly. Thank goodness.

With that said, there are times in Nevada when I've been hired to cleanup a Nevada home's hoarding debris and to carryout a suicide cleanup. A Nevada suicide cleanup in summer months usually takes place around extremely dry biological waste, which I prefer for working conditions.

It's important to keep blood from becoming airborne in these conditions, or it can add a biohazard cleanup to a suicide cleanup become a biohazard.

I use the following space to help those in need of a bail bond. Usually our larger Nevada cities have young men who have drank too much and ended up in jail. So I use these two bail bond links to help inform Nevada's young men in need of bail.

For Los Angeles biohazard cleanup, visit my Los Angeles pages, easily found on Google, Bing, and Yahoo. It offers more information about blood cleanup and other information.

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